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Cherico Real Estate is celebrating 50 Years of service
Cherico Real Estate has been a trusted name in the community since 1958.We are proud of the fact that we have helped thousands of people realize their piece of the American dream. With our strong ties to area schools and hospitals we maintain a steady stream of qualified clients.

We are located in the Pelham Parkway Station of the # 5 Lexington Ave line. (Dyre Ave.) Our location gives us a visibility that is most prominent in the area. Throughout the Bronx, people knowingly smile when asked where Cherico Real Estate is located. Formerly the Boston-Westchester railroad, thousands of neighbors use the station to commute to mid town. There are also reverse commuters who work at area hospitals and businesses. These people are all potential clients who would like to live in the suburban setting of Pelham Parkway.

Cherico Real Estate is proud of our standing as a leading firm in our neighborhood. Although we use the most modern technologies, Cherico Real Estate still prefers to do business the old and honest way, face to face. Many of our clients do not want signs and balloons. They will tell their neighbors they are moving when they choose to. As a result, when priced according to market value; the homes are sold before they can be advertised. Hundreds of people are looking to move here. Register with us and when your style house becomes available you will be notified in 24 hours.

Cherico Real Estate has the most recognizable office in the area. We are a full service real estate office, and happy to provide clients with free Home Evaluations and comparative Market Analysis. With our flexible commissions we allow the homeowner to keep more money in their pocket. Let full time professionals handle it.

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Serving Since 1958


Pelham Parkway,
Pelham Gardens,
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