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Cherico Real Estate was opened by Daniel Cherico in 1958.Originally located in the shadows of Yankee Stadium on Morris ave. The business and Cherico family migrated to Pelham Parkway shortly thereafter. Daniel passed down the family business to his son Gary upon his completion of graduate school at New York University. Gary was born on Seminole ave in Indian village. Raised in the neighborhood and attending local schools Gary is very proud of his long-lasting relationships with his childhood pals. Gary played in Van Nest Little League for the team of Pat's Pastry Shop on Morris Park ave. He still smiles when he remembers the free Italian ice everytime they won a game. They were 14 - 4 that year.

Being a family business Cherico Real Estate has always worked and lived by Honesty. When you see the same people every day a good name is the most effective advertisement. It is truly a satisfying feeling to have clients drop in to introduce you to family and friends.

As most people know, when it comes to real estate the 3 most important factors are location, location location. We feel we have the best location for buyers and sellers to realize their dreams.

When Chertoff-Winkler Productions (M G M Studios) needed period houses for their future blockbuster "RAGING BULL" they chose Cherico Real Estate as their Bronx location. Martin Scorsese knew Jake LaMotta once lived in Pelham Parkway so it was important to find a business like Cherico Real Estate who new the houses as well as anyone. For month's we were happy to work with the production crew in creating one of the greatest movies of all times. After much negotiations houses for the movies were chosen. They were both on Tenbroeck ave. One off of Lakewood place and the other off of Astor ave. The minature golf scene was filmed at Turtle Cove near City Island.

Most recently Cherico Real Estate was chosen as the location firm for the independent movie "MY DESTINY" by Roko Markolovic. This is the first Albanian movie filmed entirely in New York. It is a love story for the ages. The house scenes are on Esplanade and the beach is Orchard Beach (Bronx Riviera) We look forward to being involved with other films in the near future. More importantly, we look forward to another 50 years years of being a part of this wonderful Bronx community.



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